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A fresh conservative voice.

Hi, I’m Laura Plauché Johnson and I’m ready to get to work for you. I’m a mom and wife, I’ve run a small business, and I’ll bring a fresh conservative voice to the city council. I am lucky to have called Peachtree City home for 26 years–but I believe our best days lie ahead. Please support me as I champion sound fiscal policy, public safety, and economic opportunity; and work tirelessly to preserve our village concept and outdoor spaces.


Together, we'll secure a bright future for Peachtree City.

The Founder's Vision

 We live in a master-planned community. Our village centers, green belts, glittering lakes and ponds, and the 100+ miles of golf cart paths linking it all together put PTC on the map. It is no accident that we have zero graffiti, nor billboards, litter, and overhead power lines. I will protect our city from poor development and stay true to the founder's vision.

Traffic Issues

When I was 11, our family chose Peachtree City because it was clean and green—not congested and overdeveloped. We've been told the state department of transportation is going to address the traffic issues at Hwy 54/74, but that doesn't mean we can't impact traffic issues from the local level. I'm committed to finding research-based solutions. 

Integrity &  Transparency

Many of us have been scarred by people using their elected office to further their own pet projects. Please hear me when I say: I have NO pet projects or ulterior motives. I will stay true to my principles. I am eager to listen and get input from everyday citizens because that will make our city the best it can be.

Villages Centers

I will preserve our village centers. With gas at $3.60/gallon, village centers are not just common sense; they are a convenient place to shop, gather and work, as well as destinations for families to go out for dinner or a treat. They offer independence to the aging community. My family and I live in Glenloch village.

Fiscal Restraint

As a conservative, I believe in fiscal restraint. It is not the government’s money – it’s yours. I will be a wise steward over each precious tax dollar. But I'm also not afraid to invest in our future. We have a responsibility to maintain and improve what makes our city special so our children and grandchildren will want to call PTC home.

Family Amenities

 Kids need nice, clean facilities in which to play. Since I’ve lived in PTC, I’ve seen two city pools get filled in. A splash pad funded by your tax dollars should not have a fence, a lock, and a cash register. I will fight to eliminate user fees and ensure quality recreation spaces for families and seniors.

Economic Opportunity

PTC is the best place to live and play, but we need to develop a better climate for work. Our per capita income used to be highest in the region. There is an important correlation there with great school systems and low crime. The city can help draw in high-paying jobs and motivate existing companies to expand.

Path Safety

People know each other from the golf cart paths, and they reinforce our community culture: We are friendly and look out for each other. I have a father in his 70s who walks on the paths daily, as well as teens who drive golf carts. The paths should always be safe, beautiful and well-maintained. Any new safety regulation demands an open process with citizen input.

Public Safety

Public safety officers play a pivotal role in the strength and safety of our community. To keep crime rates low and to attract and retain the best law enforcement officers, this will always be a top budget priority. 

Vacant Buildings

Vacant or abandoned properties are not good for our city and can have a domino effect. I am committed to doing something about the empty K-Mart in Braelinn and the vacated Clayton State facility. Peachtree City does not need to build out. We need to fix up and utilize the empty buildings that are already here.


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Advocate For Families

As a parent of school-aged kids, Laura brings something to the table that is not currently found on our city council. With children enrolled in Peachtree City's elementary, middle and high schools, Laura is in touch with our community, has a pulse on our city, and will advocate for families—young and old. 


Photo: PTC city council meeting (September 2022)

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  A Mom with a Pulse on PTC  


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